Breaking it down to the basics, visually. I find actually seeing the locations of what I'd like to do helps me keep my bearings and actually decide on where I'll go once I arrive. Here you'll find simple suggestions on what to see in each locale and what makes these locations special. Sometimes it's the history, sometimes it's the scenery, either way, these are are worth taking the time to explore.

Some of these plans have been fulfilled, others have yet to be realized. I'll be working on amending that.



The city which gave birth to the Renaissance, gifting history with art and drama in equal quantity.


After two years abroad, a road trip from Savannah to Los Angeles with Black Rock City in between.


The City of Lights, winking back and forth with the Seine. Better tune that accordion.


A hippie/trekker haven situated beside a beautiful lake and the Annapurna mountain range.