My name is Joshua Winslow, I'm a 27 year old veteran, analyst, student, generally optimistic human being and wannabe writer/adventurer.  I was born in Oakland, CA but a life with military parents and serving in the Army myself, I've never stayed in one place long. Savannah, GA has my heart - and most of my stuff - at the moment, though London, Munich and Brooklyn all hold pieces.

Having spent years in the relatively rough places where one had to really look to find it, I'd like to think my sensitivity to the good/the beauty around us all has been turned up. Whether that mean appreciating the freedom to go where you like, the abundance of choice all around us or simple greenery, every day is filled with chords of beauty. I never want to lose that appreciation. Life is richer this way.


I find my passions fully ignited when it comes to motorcycling and travel/adventure. I also find plenty of joy in reading, hashing, live music, history and exploring the varied histories of Napoleonic era ships of the line (curiosity strikes sometimes). Owed in part to my background, I am very interested in domestic and international politics, security and world religions. Travel on the other hand has sparked an interest in furthering the shift to sustainable urbanism in the United States, encouraging walk-ability, localized commerce and collective effervescence.

Places Where I've Been

  • I was born in Oakland, CA but raised all over the US and abroad. (Military Family)
  • I spent three years living in Munich, Germany while my family was stationed there.
  • In 2005 I enlisted in the Army, later serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Savannah, GA became home after I volunteered to deploy with the 3rd Infantry Division in 2009.
  • Currently working in Afghanistan ahead of pursuing University studies in London.

Help Sponsor These Trips!

The greatest difficulty in chasing wanderlust is the almighty dollar. It's why I've worked in Afghanistan as long as I have. Any donation of yours will be utilized for future travels and content creation. It might just keep me out of Afghanistan even.